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Factory Lacrosse

    December Beginner & Intermediate clinics



    Welcome to Factory Lacrosse!!


    - The Premier Lacrosse Club in Los Angeles -

    We believe in a blue collar work ethic and a love and respect for the game. As coaches, players, and ambassadors of the game we are excited to bring R.E.L.I.E.F. lacrosse to the next generation of players

    R. Respect
    E. Effort
    L. Love of the game
    I. Integrity
    E. Energy
    F. Fun

    Factory Lacrosse was founded by Jimmy Borell and Brett Hughes who played against each other as rivals in College at Maryland and UVA, but joined forces in the professional ranks and soon bonded on a similar outlook on lacrosse, coaching, and life! Our R.E.L.I.E.F motto (Respect, Effort, Love, Integrity, Energy, and Fun) mixed with our high intensity work ethic will ensure that those who participate will not only get better, but gain a competitive edge and an appreciation for the work it takes to win on and off the field!

    Our Goal at Factory Lacrosse is to teach our players what it takes to be the best athlete, person, and lacrosse player you can be. We believe that hard work both on and off the field is imperative to BE THE BEST at everything that we do!

    Custom Factory Gloves are In!!!



    Factory Lacrosse Training Tier

    Competition Scale: 1 Star - Least Competitive, 5 Star - Most Competitive
    Our Training Tier Scale is designed to help you and your son find the best competitive fit for his skill level!
    1*  Beginner Clinics/Camps/Private lessons - Players just starting lacrosse
    2*  Local Level Program (Fall Box, Summer/Winter Local) - PV Factory - Players who are looking to train and play outside of the spring season in a local setting in either local leagues or local level festivals (6-10 games)
    3*  Private Training, Group Training, Local Camps - Designed for motivated, serious players who want to take their game to the next level and desire to play for their regional select team 
    4*  Regional Select Programs - Factory Select - Designed for the top players in the region focusing on both individual player skill development as well as advanced team concepts.  Regional Select Programs will have 8-10 training practice sessions per season and attend 3-5 tournaments per summer and winter season  against other top regional competition (15-25 games)
          - Select Group Training - small group training reserved for select players
    5*  Super Regional - LA HEAT - Top 5% of LA lacrosse players will be chosen from the 3 Regional Select Programs to play in the top national recruiting events on the east coast (High School teams by grade) and competing against the top national clubs  on the east coast (youth and middle school teams by grade) This Team will go to 1 tournament in the Summer and 1 in the Fall/winter