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Factory Lacrosse

    Welcome to Factory Lacrosse!!


    - The Premier Lacrosse Club in Los Angeles -

    We believe in a blue collar work ethic and a love and respect for the game. As coaches, players, and ambassadors of the game we are excited to bring R.E.L.I.E.F. lacrosse to the next generation of players

    R. Respect
    E. Effort
    L. Love of the game
    I. Integrity
    E. Energy
    F. Fun

    The Factory Family of lacrosse and athletic events is the home for aspiring lacrosse players to learn the game while learning what it takes to be the best athlete, person, and lacrosse player you can be. We believe that the hard work in-between and outside of the lacrosse field lines is imperative. Our focus is on the 6 attributes it takes to be the best student athlete you can be. Respect, Effort, Love, Integrity, Energy, and Fun. We teach the fundamentals of both Box Lacrosse and Field lacrosse to create a more rounded lacrosse player! We will be focusing on the hard work that it takes outside of the lacrosse lifestyle to Be The Best at everything that we do. We at the Factory do not shy away from intense work, we welcome it, so that we can grow individually as well as with our current teams whoever they are that day!!!



    We Would Like to Announce, Factory Lacrosse's New Online Magazine, "FACTORY STRONG"

    2015 Spring Youth and Middle School Lacrosse

    *** All Players MUST be a US lacrosse Member*** www.uslacrosse.org/membership.aspx

    Before Starting the Registration Process, please have your US lacrosse member number and expiration date handy! 


    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Players will participate in a full season with 10 plus Games and a Playoff.  Each winning team per age group will receive championship t-shirts and a team trophy. League MVP awards will also be given!  Practices will focus on player development: fundamental stick skills, footwork, lacrosse terminology, offensive and defensive specific skills, and team concepts that will prepare them for High School lacrosse.  

    AGE GROUPS:  U9, U11, U13, U15,

    All Grades are approximate!

    U9 (2nd-3rd) 



    U15 (8th)




    Includes Custom Shorts, Reversible, Shooter Shirt, and Socks. League fee, 2 Team Practices & 1 Positional Clinic** per week, Field fees, Team Administration, Website fees, and Coaches Stipends.

    **Positional Clinics for U11-U15 Players ONLY

    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 6th or until each team's 20 player roster is full, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST!!! 

    ***If Your Son Already has the Uniform Pictured Below, Please Email 

     factorylacrosse@gmail.com for the Discount Code***

    GAMES:  10+ Games, A & B Divisions for Each Age Bracket

    Location: Sundays @ Campus El Segundo, Palos Verdes High School, Culver City High School

    Dates:  March 1st - May 17th


    PRACTICES: Starting Week of February 17th @ Point Vicente Elementary. Some clinics @ PV High!  

    2 Weekday Practices + 1 Skills Clinic

     - Weekly positional clinics for U11 - U15 Players are not mandatory but highly recommended as we will have 2 or 3 coaches there to work on 1 or 2 fundamental lacrosse skills for their specific positions during a 75 min period including dodging, shooting on the run, inside finishing, time and room shots, box lacrosse, pick and rolls, off ball play, footwork, defensive checks, etc. 

    **No Practice Week of March 30th for PV Spring Break**

    COACHES:  We pride ourselves on having a top tier coaching staff who are not only great former and current players, but more importantly guys who are great coaches and great people.  We are also excited to having some Team Captains and All-League Players from the local high schools (who were once in your son's shoes) helping assistant coach us!!!  



    Spring Uniform:

    Age Eligibility Guidelines for Fall and Winter 2014

    U15: (8th Graders, some 7th graders)

    All players must be 14 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition.

    U13: (6th and 7th graders)

    All players must be 12 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. 

    U11: (4th, 5th, and some 6th graders)

    All players must be 10 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. 


    U9: (2nd, 3rd graders)

    All players must be 10 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. 



    Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 Age Guidelines
    Birth Date Age Bracket
    Born on or after 9/1/1999 U15
    Born on or after 9/1/2001 U13
    Born on or after 9/1/2003 U11
    Born on or after 9/1/2005 U9

    Weekly Schedule

    Sun 3/29 Mon 3/30 Tue 3/31 Wed 4/1 Thu 4/2

    no events

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    no events

    Custom Factory Gloves are In!!!

    Training Tier

    Competition Scale: 1 Star - Least Competitive, 5 Star - Most Competitive
    1*  Beginner Clinics/Camps/Private lessons - Players just starting lacrosse
    2*  Local Level Program (Fall Box, Summer/Winter Local) - PV Factory - Players who are looking to train and play outside of the spring season in a local setting in either local leagues or local level festivals (6-10 games)
    3*  Private Training, Group Training, Local Camps - Designed for motivated, serious players who want to take their game to the next level and desire to play for their regional select team 
    4*  Regional Select Programs - Factory Select - Designed for the top players in the region focusing on both individual player skill development as well as advanced team concepts.  Regional Select Programs will have 8-10 training practice sessions per season and attend 3-5 tournaments per summer and winter season  against other top regional competition (15-25 games)
          - Select Group Training - small group training reserved for select players
    5*  Super Regional - LA HEAT - Top 5% of LA lacrosse players will be chosen from the 3 Regional Select Programs to play in the top national recruiting events on the east coast (High School teams by grade) and competing against the top national clubs  on the east coast (youth and middle school teams by grade) This Team will go to 1 tournament in the Summer and 1 in the Fall/winter


    Protective Gear Required for New Lacrosse Players:

       Helmet, Stick, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Elbow pads, protective cup, mouth piece, cleats.


       We recommend starting with a couple private lessons with one of our coaches to teach you the basics skills (cradling, passing, catching, ground balls, shooting) before joining a team.  Lacrosse is a sport where the mesh string job of the stick DOES make a huge difference, and we have experienced stick stringers at Factory as well as the premier mesh supplier in STRING KING.  We can set you up to succeed from the first moment you step on the field!!

    Need Your Stick Strung?!?!?!

    Coach Jimmy Borell has been stringing up wands for over 8 years now, Attack/middis/defense, doesn't matter, get your stick strung by a pro!  All you need to give him is a Lax Head, a Mesh Kit, and $30, and you'll get it back in a day or two!!!  

    If you want your stick strung with STRING KING Mesh, we supply it and the cost is $45.


    Club (Local/Box/Select) Teams: Due to the nature of pre-planning that goes into these teams, we cannot issue refunds except for extreme circumstances**

    If the player is physically unable to play due to an injury or illness We would be happy to credit you toward future Factory teams or camps/clinics providing a doctor's note is supplied.

     - No Refunds for Partial Practice or Tournament Attendance

     - No Refunds for Weather Cancellation

    Camps: Full Refunds available up to 14 days prior to event

    25% Penalty fee up to 7-14 days prior to event

    50% Penalty fee 1-7 days prior to event

     - No Refund given after camp starts

    Credit and credit amount toward future camp or team at the discretion of the Director depending on individual basis. 

    ** If a refund request is granted for a club team instead of a credit, the following penalty fees apply:

     - 25% penalty fee will be applied up to 7 days before the first practice. 

     - 50% penalty fee will be applied 1 - 7 days before the first practice. 

     - NO refund given after practice starts.